A woman who went viral for urinating on potatoes at a Pennsylvania Walmart has turned herself in to police.

West Mifflin police said in a news release that a worker at the store noticed urine on the floor and notified a loss prevention officer. That officer called police after surveillance video showed a woman appearing to pee on the potatoes around 10 pm on July 24.

An employee spotted her, so the store got rid of all the potatoes and sanitized the area.

But the woman got out of the store, so the police released the surveillance footage of her to try to track her down. It's surveillance footage of her walking out of the store, not, you know, watering the produce.

Anyway, after the story blew up yesterday, the woman turned herself in. It turns out she's a 20-year-old woman named Grace Brown, and she's facing charges of indecent exposure and public drunkenness.

“This type of obscene conduct is outrageous and we immediately disposed of the affected products and sanitized the area to ensure its cleanliness and safety for our customers. We’re working with the West Mifflin Police Department to find the responsible party and have them prosecuted.”

So why'd she do it? She said she was, "not thinking" . . . and she doesn't remember doing it. The West Mifflin police chief says, "Honestly I think she thought it was a toilet."

Read more at the NY Post.

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