This senior arrested for prostitution puts the "walker" in "street walker."

Earlier this month, police in Jacksonville arrested 70-year-old Sun Hee Gribat for offering sex to an undercover cop for $60 at a massage parlor during a sting operation. Gribat was working at Jax Therapy at the time. Yeah, we know -- Jax is a humorous name and maybe the word "off" should've followed it in the title, considering the circumstances.

Gribat, who doesn't have a valid massage license, has a history with the world's oldest profession. Back in 2014, she was also arrested for prostitution, although that has since been cleared from her record. Two arrested in three years? She may want to think about a career change.

It's an icky story, right? Old people and sex. Let's just leave it at "I've fallen and can't get up" instead of the possibility of "I've fallen and can't get it up."

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