The Portage County Sheriff's Office received an unusual call from a resident stating they had a "bobcat stuck in their car", and what happened next was all caught on body cam footage.

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I'm sure we've all had to deal with an unfortunate animal situation at some point in our lives, It might be removing an unwanted critter from someplace in your home or hitting an animal while driving down the road. Both of those situations are less than pleasing to deal with, but I'm pretty sure most of us have discovered something like this stuck in our car's grill before...

Sheriff Mike Lukas via Facebook
Sheriff Mike Lukas via Facebook

For those that can't tell what kind of creature is stuck in that car's grill, it's a BOBCAT, and IT'S ALIVE!

The closest I've ever seen to a situation like this was last October when JB Love hit a coyote on the road and it got stuck in his car grill...but that poor coyote was much dead. (Poor little guy)

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Thankfully this particular animal-in-grill situation that happened near Portage, Wisconsin on Wednesday, April 19, had a much happier, yet very alarming, ending to its story.

Portage County Sheriff Mike Lukas shared this video on Facebook and said, "OK, this is a first..."

Holy crap, right?!?

The Sheriff's post does not state if the bobcat was hit by the car and that is how it got stuck in there, OR if the hole was already there and the cat thought it looked like a cozy spot to take a snoozer. Either way, it's an alarming situation that thankfully ended with the bobcat being returned to the wild.

Have you ever had a car vs. animal situation as crazy as this? Send us a message on the app and tell us about it!

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