People tend to overshare information on Facebook. We all do it. We know of the couple going through the divorce and having the very public fight on FB, and in the comments we can see them going back and forth arguing. Before long we know who slept with who and how much they're seeking in alimony.

The same thing goes with your kids. You're proud of your kids. They're growing up. They're achieving the greatness you've bestowed upon them. Now you've decided to take a picture of them on their first day of school to post on Facebook with the countless other parents who are doing the same thing.


Here's the problem though, just like the couple I referenced earlier, you've overshared way too much information. If you've taken a pic in front of their school or in front of the school sign a predator now knows where your child goes to school. Did you mention you kid by name? Oops, now they know that too. I know, you're so proud that they're going to be in the second grade with Mrs. Hansen in room 2B, but guess what you've now armed someone with way too much knowledge about your kid and potentially dangerous information.

You've now given strangers the name of your kid, what school they go to, what grade they're in. Let's take it a step further. Looking through your friends and families you've now given a potential stalker familiar names. The child may not know someone by face, but I'll bet they know someone by name. After all the stranger knows your name too.

As I'm sitting here watching the noon news and they're talking about Trudy Appleby it dawned on me that we should all be a little more careful with how and what information we give about us and our kids. You may not care what people think about you, but it's your job as a parent to protect your kids. You may not know it, but someone could be watching.

I'm not saying don't post a pic of your kid on their first day of school. What I am saying is that maybe you should be a little discrete about what info you give. Maybe don't take the pic in front of the school sign. Maybe not mention their grade or their name. The life you save may be your child's.