I read about this a little too late to help out this month...but once a month for the next couple months, Bandcamp is waiving all fees to help out artists.

According to TechCrunch.comMarch 20th raked in an impressive $4.3 million for musicians....which is the biggest numbers they've ever seen at Bandcamp.

"The earnings from music and merchandise amounted to 15x Bandcamp’s normal haul for a 24-hour period, with 11 items being sold per second."

We missed it this month...but let's make a list of Quad Cities bands so we don't miss out on June 5 and July 3.

So far, just doing a rudimentary Facebook search, I found a handful of Quad Cities bands like...The Last Glimpse, Steven M Krug Jr, Purkle, Kronos Resistor, Avey Grouws Band, a page Jon Burns put together memorializing his friend Ray and Short Horn.

I think we should get a good list going so, when the first Friday of June comes along we'll have the links ready to go and get some locals some extra love via bandcamp.

Bandcamp, typically collects 15% of sales from digital music and 10% from physical goods and for these days specifically, they'll give that money directly to the artist.

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