A good tenderloin is one of my favorite foods.  When it's done right it becomes my "go-to" meal at any given restaurant. It's hard to order anything else off of the menu when I know there's an amazing tenderloin waiting for me.  If I do order something else, I usually regret it...especially if someone at the table orders a tenderloin.

Is Your Tenderloin Breaded or Grilled?

It depends on my mood.  A good breading is important, but grilling a tenderloin...cutting it in half, and putting a piece of cheese in the middle is a life hack I hope to pass along to my grandkids someday.

But in the meantime...let's focus on the delicious breaded tenderloin.

Who's Got Iowa’s Best Breaded Pork Tenderloin?

Nominations are now being accepted for Iowa’s Best Breaded Pork Tenderloin for 2022. This is the 20th year that Iowa Pork Producers Association has asked for nominations and every year they get more and more entries.

Just go to IowaPork.org, and there’s a little drop-down menu featuring a TON of Quad City area restaurants in Iowa.

Hurry-The Deadline to Nominate Your Favorite Is Coming Up

If your favorite breaded tenderloin is not on the list...all you have to do is click "add another restaurant." You only have until June 6, 2022, to submit your favorite entry.

Once the nominations are in, folks from the Iowa Pork Producers Association will judge the Final Top 5 and will announce the winners during October which happens to be Pork Month..

If you love tenderloins, it's a distinct possibility that you are ravenous for them.  If you've got the passion for the pork, as they say, then make your voice heard so everyone can enjoy your favorite tenderloin.

While you're in the mood...here are a ton of GREAT-looking tenderloins from all over the QCA!  Illinois AND Iowa.

The Best Tenderloins in the Quad Cities Area

Here are some of the most amazing tenderloins the QCA has to offer!

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