Here in the Midwest we breed our bugs for show.  The Mississippi River gives life to all kinds of annoying picnic-ruiners.  Like mosquitos so big they need to submit a flight plan to the FAA.  Or the Shadflies, June Bugs and others that fill the summer night sky.

But in Australia, a recently studied species of centipede revealed they can grow to a foot long, and feed their bloodlust with baby birds!  They sure don't mention this in the travel brochures for South Pacific.

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I suppose it was just a matter of time before these insect giants got big enough for the game warden to tag, what with the other creatures down under designed to scare you, stun you, and then eat you.

Here's some crazy pictures of the foot-long centipedes.

I suppose the best thing that could possibly come of a centipede almost big enough to ride, is that they'll come with 100 delicious drummies to eat with your favorite sauce.

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