As men's ski jumping gets underway in Sochi, it won't be long until the name "Vinko Bogataj" starts trending on Twitter.  He's the guy who cracks up week after week on the opening of ABC's Wide World of Sports right in time with the words "…and the agony of defeat."

The crash happened March 7, 1970  at an international ski flying competition--not the Olympics, and was actually his second jump.  (As you'll see, he crashed on that jump, too.)  Today, he's an amateur painter and makes a living at a factory in Germany as a forklift driver.  What's interesting is that, like most any other televised sport, there was actual play by play commentary for the crash--not trumpets blasting and Jim McKay proclaiming this the definitive "agony of defeat."  I'd never heard the actual commentators until finding this video.