Anyone can buy their kids a Hatchimal this Christmas. Well, actually, not really, since they're sold out and you have to camp out for 36 hours in front of Toys 'R Us to get one. But you know what I mean, anyone can buy their kids toys.


A new survey asked parents what "non-traditional" gift their kids would want the most. Check 'em out . . .

  1. A puppy, 23%.
  2. A trip to Disney World, 22%.
  3. Fun times with the family, 21%.
  4. Helping a family in need, 8%.
  5. Going to see the new "Star Wars" movie, 6%.
  6. A trip to a foreign country, 5%.
  7. A new brother or sister, 2%.

As far as traditional gifts go, 40% of parents say their kids would love to get an iPad and 27% think their kids want gift cards or cash.

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