Bacon's delicious, nobody here is going to say otherwise. But, as with all good things in life, there have to be limitations.


Luke Abrams received 30 pounds of bacon for his 30th birthday and like any red-blooded man, he ate as much as he could in one day. His day started by attempting to cook the perfect bacon and ended with him consuming about 100 strips.

At first he tried cooking the meat in his oven. Then he learned from his father to use a cast iron pan filled with an inch of fat.

To get that inch of fat, he had to start cooking the bacon and saving the grease. After seven batches cooked, he had the proper amount of fat. But, not wanting to waste the bacon, he ate it as he went.

On Luke's tenth batch, he had finally reached his goal of cooking bacon perfectly. Feeling accomplished he went to bed without a second thought.

The next morning Luke says, "I couldn't stand. I put a foot on the floor and this sharp pain rocketed all the way up my right leg. ... I was wracking my brain. Did I stub my toe? How can you get injured in your sleep!”

A trip to the doctor relieved Luke of his pain and revealed the cause: acute gout.

Bacon is loaded with a compound called purine. Your body converts purine into uric acid and if it builds up too quickly it deposits crystals in the tissues. With that comes intense joint pain, swelling, and redness.

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