Viral video from a New York City subway line shows the moment a train came through the station and ran over a bicycle thrown onto the tracks.

According to the Facebook page, SubwayCreatures, who share videos of strange occurrences in the New York subway system, the incident happened Sunday.

"This was captured Sunday and the result of some moron throwing a bike onto the tracks," the page wrote alongside the video.

"Oh my god. Oh no-no-no-no," the woman recording says.

See, subway trains run off an electrical current that it receives from the track. Anything that gets between the train and the track then becomes a conductor from one to the other. A cheap bicycle probably isn't going to be rated to conduct the type of energy a subway needs without causing some problems, which of course, it does.

The train makes contact with the bike, which seemingly explodes in a ball of fire seconds after the initial contact. Just as the train stops, the entire subway station begins to fill up with smoke.

It's not clear what happens after the video ends, but I imagine a call to the authorities and a visit from the fire department is probably a good guess.

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