So Oregon will finally be allowing people to pump their own gas and Oregonians are freaking out about it while the rest of us, who have been pumping our own gas for years, are mercilessly making fun of them. It's made The Washington Post, Forbes and USA Today. The Forbes article also touched on why some dumb laws still exist. We're not exempt from them here in the Quad Cities. For example:

  • You can drink in the State of Illinois under the age of 21 if you're enrolled in a culinary arts program.
  • Don't even think of ice skating at Riverside Park in Moline in June or August.
  • In Iowa men who have mustaches cannot kiss a woman in public, and kisses can last no longer than five minutes.

Finally, if you're heading to Cedar Rapids don't even think of reading someone else's palm or you could wind up in jail. For more dumb and silly laws check out where I found the above examples.


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