A WWII veteran in South Florida got a lot of neat surprises for his 100th birthday, but there's one he'll remember more than others.

Among the birthday presents, Donald Dennis' wedding ring was returned after being lost for five years. He wasn't able to find the ring, which he lost while shopping.

Near his previous home in Minnesota, the Aldi where he believed to have lost the wedding band was being remodeled.

In the process, a contractor came across Donald's ring, which was inscribed with his name, his wife's name, and their wedding date.

Store managers were able to track down Donald's daughter, and when they found out he now lived in Florida, found an easy way to get it down there.

The wife of the contractor who found the ring was headed down to Florida this week, which happens to be the same week as Donald's birthday.

A family friend, Camille Falconer, met up with the woman in St. Augustine to get the ring, which she brought to Fort Lauderdale.

On Sunday, Donald's daughter gave him the ring.

“He teared up," Camille said. "He got the biggest grin on his face and he just held that in his hand like it was a treasure, which it is, and he put it right back on his finger and it fit just fine."

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