Those annoying phone calls need to stop. Here's another pretty serious phone scam happening in Iowa.

The Iowa Department of Public Safety (DPS) Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) says a scam is targeting citizens by misrepresenting the department staff.

DCI says they've heard reports  scammers are claiming they are employees for the "Iowa State Police."

Callers are telling people they have a car with drugs inside and that the vehicle is registered to you. Reports say they are receiving calls from a 712 area code.

If you don't answer the call or hang up on the initial call, a secondary call has been reported coming from "911" and the callers are verbally aggressive, saying they're with the "Police" and they "have a warrant for your arrest."

If you have received a call, contact your local law enforcement and the Iowa Attorney General’s Office Hotline at (515) 281-5926 or (888) 777-4590.

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