F1 fans and social media are fawning over Martin Brundle's grid walk before the Las Vegas Grand Prix, saying it might be the best one that's happened yet.

Known for his pre-race walks, former F1 racer Martin Brundle walks the gride and has some often-times cringe efforts to grab a talk with stars and celebrities, and a few particular clips are going viral from this weekend - including him waiting to talk with Shaq for minutes, just to get brushed off with a few words.

“Quick word, good to see you on the grid,” was his first effort as O’Neal took a long look at Brundle and then walked away.

As he turned to come back around towards Brundle's direction, he asked again.

“Sir, thank you for coming to have a chat with me, how are you doing?" he asked.

Shaq, mostly ignoring him, said three words to Brundle with zero context, “Lewis Hamilton, baby.”

Completely deadpan, Brundle responded “OK, well that’s all you need to say. Lewis Hamilton, baby. That’ll cover it."

“It’s OK,” he said after Shaq was out of earshot. “I’ve had a great television career so honestly, it doesn’t really matter, does it, if it’s over this evening?”

It was awkward but funny, and Twitter is eating it up.

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