If you're any type of squeamish, maybe you'd be better off checking out something else, like the Racoon and dog who are best friends and play wrestle. 

Trail camera footage from a remote part of southern Illinois shows a deer that baffles hunters and animal experts alike.

The video is shot on what looks like a B-road that hunters or farmers would use to get through their property when working.

A buck's head can be seen as he seems to look both ways before crossing the street. Everything is normal, until his back enters the frame.

Organs, ligaments, and everything else is fully exposed to the elements and the camera, showing the internal workings of a still alive deer.

The deer saunters through the shot with no remorse for his back being, well, gone.

According to MeatEater, the footage comes from a hunter by the name of Chris Evans who put the trailcam up. He's apparently reached out to the landowners to find out if they know what happened to the poor thing.

Theories range from it getting hit by a car, to flesh eating diseases, to coyotes, but the theory that makes the most sense would be a combine. Deer often bed down in corn fields, even if just for a nap, and when the combines come through the driver often can't see what's hiding between the stalks of corn.

Either way, this thing probably didn't last long after the video was taken.

Rest in peace, buddy.

Read more at MeatEater

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