Studies show that watching animal videos reduces stress, so here's an adorable video of a dog and a raccoon who are best friends and wrestling buddies.

They just apparently play together like this every day.

We won't get to the start of whoever owns a raccoon and a 10lb dog at the same time, but it apparently means that the raccoon also counts as a dog.

When I was younger, my friend took in a baby raccoon who had apparently been abandoned and left alone in his backyard. When he found it, it was just laying in the grass.

As the thing got older, he introduced it to his dogs, who knew not to eat it. The raccoon got older, started eating dog food, started asking for pets, and would play fetch just like the other dogs.

It was all cool until he learned how to use his thumbs and became mischievous that way. It'd get into the cupboards and steal food that didn't belong to it. Eventually he ended up passing it on to a refuge that was able to take care of it better than him.

What I'm saying is, this lady has a lot on her hands, and hopefully she's prepared for that.

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