A Washington postal worker named Joseph Waldherr became an overnight millionaire after he won a lottery worth $717,500. Waldherr attributed his win to his lucky kitten rescue, which took place a few days before his stroke of luck.

Facebook/Joe Waldherr
Facebook/Joe Waldherr

Where It All Started

It all started when Waldherr, who worked as a Tacoma deliveryman, arrived at his workplace one day to pick up mail and packages to be delivered. As he walked towards his truck, he heard the faint cries of a trapped kitten.

He looked around but couldn't locate the kitten. However, when he heard the meowing the next day, he followed the sound to a small space where the tiny black-and-white kitten with peach-colored cheeks was stuck.

Facebook/Joe Waldherr
The Rescued Kitten - Facebook/Joe Waldherr

Without wasting a moment, Waldherr took the kitten into his sweatshirt pocket and let it sleep while he worked.

“I’m having a lucky day, Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket.”


Overwhelmed by the successful rescue, Waldherr decided to try his luck at the lottery and bought a Hit 5 ticket on his way home.

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The Magic Of The Lucky Kitten

To his amazement, the ticket landed him a windfall of $717,500. Waldherr felt incredibly grateful to the kitten for bringing him good luck and named it "Peaches," deciding to keep it as a pet.

The postal worker intends to save a portion of the winnings, help his parents with their retirement, and donate the rest to charities. "My wife and I have everything we need, and we just want to help others," he said.

All in all, it was a heartwarming story of how a kind act can lead to good fortune. Waldherr's lucky kitten rescue proved to be a life-changing experience, not just for him but also for Peaches, who found a loving forever home.

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