Road trips are great ways to get away from the ordinary and experience something new. But they aren’t always easy, especially if you’re traveling with friends or family who aren’t used to road trips. To help you plan your next successful road trip, here are some tips that will keep everyone involved in the fun instead of frustrated by the journey!

If you’re trying to decide what songs to play on your next road trip, here's a tip. Create an epic playlist of fun and upbeat tunes guaranteed to make your road trip more enjoyable before you hit the road!

Bring emergency supplies like an emergency kit, tire pump, jumper cables and flares. These help you in case of an accident or if your car breaks down. Everyone needs to be trained how to use these things in case they are needed during your trip. But don't forget things like snacks, drinks and a big empty bottle of Gatorade to use when you don't want to stop to use the bathroom.

In a new survey, OnePoll says 61% of people said they'd love  to plan a road trip . . . IF they didn't have to drive.  Which is interesting because in the same survey, 40% of people said that THEY are the best driver they know.

And we're not talking about epic, cross-country trips either.  On average, people would be willing to journey about seven-and-a-half hours.

35% of people love to mix planned and unplanned stops.  51% said it's a great way to bond with family and friends . . . and 76% said that road trips are fun because the journey becomes more important than the destination.

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