The wife and I went out last night.  It had been a long time since we did that.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little anxious.  Being in quarantine will do that.

The one thing that science will agree on is that music is healing.  I "think" science will say that anyway.  It's what they told us last year at this time so who knows. I suppose it's possible that there are other studies that will come out contradiction everything we know up to this point...but that's how it goes I suppose.

All that aside, there are places opening up to 100% capacity in Iowa (social distancing rules apply of course) and Illinois is...well...Illinois still.

Here’s what’s going on this weekend! Support your local musicians, bars & servers in any way you know how.

This list is subject to change...but here's what we have at the moment!

Johnnie’s Tap @ Johnnies Tap · Fulton
Amy Lowe @ Butterworth Center & Deere-Wiman House · Moline
BAD PAIR Acoustic Jam @ Thirsty's OnThird · Davenport
Chuck Murphy @ Hawkeye Sports Bar & Grill · Davenport
Brian Skow @ The Grape Life Wine Store & Lounge · Davenport
Jason Wells Band @ GypsyHighway · Davenport


Toxic Blonde's @ GypsyHighway · Davenport
Dan Fennesy @ Bootleg Hill Honey Meads · Davenport
Phyllis and one shark @ Wise Guys Pizza & Pub · Davenport
MICHAEL MONCADA @ Off Point Pub · Davenport

To add your event, send the info to

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