Walmart revealed the most uniquely popular two-day shipping orders for all 50 states. About a third of them are foods and drinks.

This is how lazy we are these days. People want their favorite snacks, but can't be bothered to actually go anywhere to buy them. Thank God for two-day shipping.

We break the mold here in the Quad Cities. In Illinois the most popular item was laundry detergent and in Iowa it's tissues... at least its not food. Here are the states that had some sort of food or drink as the most popular item:

  • Alabama – cake mix
  • Colorado – s'mores ingredients
  • Idaho – brown sugar
  • Kansas – instant ramen
  • Kentucky – peanut M&M's
  • Michigan – Fruity Pebbles
  • Minnesota – tortilla chips
  • Mississippi – Cream of Asparagus soup
  • Missouri – Life Savers candy
  • Nevada – soy milk
  • North Dakota – powdered lemonade
  • Oklahoma – Folgers coffee
  • South Dakota – macaroni and cheese
  • Tennessee – Starburst candy
  • Vermont – mango juice
  • Virginia – cornbread mix

The most random purchases include mosquito head nets in Maine, smartphone SIM cards in Georgia, pencil sharpeners in New Jersey, and paper shredders in Pennsylvania.

Read more at Walmart.

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