Sometimes designs that mean well accidentally have hidden meanings.

After multiple complaints, Walmart has been forced to remove a shirt from their stores that contained a hidden swear word.

The unintentionally inappropriate shirt went viral after a tweet about it brought in millions of views.

“I need this shirt before Walmart realizes what they have done. Find the hidden word,” @whosurdaddienow wrote.

The shirt wants to promote the saying, "Recycle, Reuse, Renew" along with the word "Think," however their attempt at an artistic design ended up accidentally lining up one of the more offensive words out there.


If you remove the giant "RE" that takes up the left half of the shirt, the rest says "Cycle, Use, New, Think" - which happens to have the same look as the words "C U Next Tuesday."

It's "CU*T". It says cu*t.

The shirt was pulled from Walmart's shelves and website, with a spokesperson saying "This was not intentional, and the T-Shirt has been removed."

While not available on Walmart, anymore, we did find it on Amazon for you to buy if you'd like to snag one before they get pulled from there too.


“Finally. The perfect shirt,” one commenter said, while another wrote, “Laughed out loud when I spotted the hidden word. Now I want that tee shirt too."

“So THIS is why C U Next Tuesday was trending,” another says.

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