Over the last year or so, big box stores have taken to the concept of "If you can't fit it in your pocket, it can't be stolen", so smaller items in the health and beauty supply areas and some of the other random items in stores with a higher theft rate have been locked up into some giant plastic boxes.

padlock on the door for wooden door

Some Walmart and Target stores around the country have taken to locking up and securing items like socks and underwear to stave off the shoplifting taking place. Shoppers are getting used to seeing items like high-ticket electronics under lock and key, but a lot of customers have expressed their thoughts about the underwear aisle being on lockdown.

"It comes to the point of how ghetto does it look that they have to lock up the socks or whatever it is that they have under the key," shopper Olga Leon told NBC Bay Area.

Another customer wasn't happy about the extra time it will need to take to buy some socks.

"I'd be very upset," Edwards told the news outlet. "I got to call somebody to come up from the counter to get socks."

A customer told NBC Bay Area that he had to wait 10 minutes for someone to come over and open the case so they could get a pair of boxers.

Richmond City Councilmember Cesar Cepeda said the growing retail theft trend is alarming, and is worried about more stores shutting down in the area.

"The cost will go upas residents will have to pay more of they'll have to commute and travel farther to pick up their groceries, to pick up their socks, to pick up their prescriptions," Cepeda said. "It's really going to be hurting our community."

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