In 2016, you can't talk about a person's butt anymore, even to compliment it. You can't talk about anything, actually.

There's a woman who works as a waitress at Scotty's Brewhouse, a restaurant and bar in Southport, Indiana. On Monday night, the managers held an awards ceremony for the 50 employees. People won things like "Best Bartender" and "Best Server," but this woman won "Best Butt."

They called her on stage to give her the award, and told her to turn around so people could take pictures of her award-winning butt. She was NOT happy. "I feel like I'm more than just a butt. I feel like I'm smart, I'm going to school."

The owners of Scotty's say the awards weren't their idea and they were just something the managers did on their own. The woman says no one's apologized to her yet, and she's thinking of filing a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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