A waitress at a small diner got a tip that blew the rest of the month out of the water.


During her last table of the night, Jennifer Navaria, talked with the group, and left the $157 bill. When she came to clean off the table she glanced to what she thought was a $50 tip, which was already generous. She said when she looked at the bottom line of the bill, the total had four digits.

The 3,000% tip was left by billionaire Ernie Boch Jr, an owner of a line of used car dealerships. He says he was inspired by Donnie Wahlberg, who started the 2020 tipping challenge.

The challenge started when Jenny McCarthy posted a picture of the tip Donnie left a tip of $2,020 on an $87 tab at an IHOP.

Jennifer said she plans on using the money to pay off some bills, and will make a donation to a local animal shelter.

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