Some crazy video footage from an incident in 2019 is starting to make its rounds again.

Samuel Kiwasz of Culver City was working out at his Anytime Fitness on a treadmill. He had stopped for a quick break, but he's lucky he took that break while standing on the treadmill, and not behind it. 

As he was getting ready to start jogging again, a Red Mercedes flew through the window of the gym, slamming into the treadmill he was standing on.

The tank of an exercise machine didn't crumble, or break apart. No, it just took the impact, and probably saved Samuel's life. He rode that sucker to the back wall of the gym, were it helped to stop the car from hitting the wall directly.

Just as the treadmill was about to make contact with the wall, Samuel hopped off out of the way.

“When you go through something like that, you learn that life is a gift and to cherish every moment,” he told NY Post. “I guess it wasn’t my time.”

A blonde woman stepped out of the vehicle, looking a bit dazed from the accident, trying to understand what just happened.

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Now you see why I don't ever go to the gym. I guarantee if you asked this Samuel guy, he's been hit by more cars at the gym than he has on his couch, a barstool, or even the street for that matter.

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