A few years back I was given a GIANT flower bouquet for Valentine's Day.  Some sort of radio promotion through a 800 number business that was meant to drum up some local business when DJ's would talk about giving this gift to their significant other.

I'm not sure my on-air story was what they were expecting because I brought these home to my wife and she was immediately pissed off!

The thought of me spending an extravagant amount of money on something that you expected to last one week if you're lucky was ridiculous.   Then to spend it on such a "corporate holiday" was unthinkable!

Needless to say, we don't go do crazy for Valentine's Day in the Stage house.  It's mostly a time to give the kids a card & some candy and if we're able to go out for supper sometime within the month then that is our celebration. Even if you throw in a little extra for alcohol and dinner, there are plenty of things you can do that are meaningful and don’t cost much at all.

That being said, according to SimplyCodes new study, the average person with a significant other expects to shell out $208 for Valentine's Day this year, which is up 44%. The biggest spenders are people who are just a year or two into their relationships.  They expect to drop an average of $247.  On the flip-side, people who are less than a year into their relationships are "only" spending $186.

There’s nothing like the promise of romance to make people spend money they probably shouldn’t, especially on Valentine’s Day.

Quad Cities Live Music Venues That Aren't Live Music Venues Anymore

Nostalgia Alert!.

We've compiled a quick list (by no means comprehensive) of venues in the Quad Cities that are no longer music venues but to us will ALWAYS hold a special place were we saw some great shows and made some incredible memories.

To many of us the live music scene wasn't just a concert here & there. It was an every weekend affair. And it didn't matter if it was a touring band or your buddy's band. We were going to be there with a beer in hand and scream along with guitars that were way too loud in a room that was improperly treated acoustically and make some bad decisions.

What The Quad Cities Did For Fun in the 90's

Many times over the years, I'll be talking with friends about years gone by and I'll say "take me back".

Every generation goes through this, I assume. Looking back at a more simple time where responsibilities haven't set in and life seems fun. Opportunities are endless.

Let's go back to the 1990's to Wacky Waters, 50 Cent Beer night and revisit Mallards Mania!

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