This story is peak millennial: An unemployed 30-year-old woman in Maryland who still lives with her parents is facing second-degree assault charges after she threw a phone at her mom's head for refusing to drive her to a yoga class.

Her name is Holly Anne Albert, and it happened a year-and-a-half ago, but she just got arrested last month.

According to police, Holly flipped out when her mom refused to drive her to yoga, and started screaming insults at her. Then picked up a phone and chucked it at the back of her mom's head, which opened up a large gash.

Her mom used the phone to call 911, and her shirt and hair were covered in blood when police showed up.

Holly fled the scene, and it's not clear why she wasn't arrested until now, but she's due back in court later this month.

Her parents are hoping they go easy on her. They wrote the court a letter that said she still lives with them, and they don't fear for their safety. She hasn't had any outbursts since.

"I freely state that at all times since those events, up to the present, Holly Anne has lived with me and her father without any incident or reason whatsoever that would cause either of us to fear for our safety or well-being," Albert's mother wrote. "Moreover, I believe that it is in Holly Anne's best interest that she continue to reside with us, rather than have to make other living arrangements pending a future trial date. Holly Anne is currently unemployed and we are providing her with financial and other support at this time. It is Holly Anne's wish and decision to address and resolve the subject proceeding, and to that end she is voluntarily surrendering herself to the outstanding warrant. Knowing Holly Anne as I do, I am confident that she intends to appear at every court date necessary to bring this matter to a close."

Albert is scheduled to return to court on March 19, for a preliminary hearing. She faces up to 10 years in prison.

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