While traveling over Tulsa, a plane lost power. Two 18-year-olds were able to think quickly and land the plane in the middle of a street without a scratch.

Authorities say two 18-year-olds from Jenks, one who says he is a certified pilot, took off in a Cessna 172 from Riverside Airport. They were doing a touch-and-go at TIA with the next stop at the Owasso airport.

The call went out as a plane crash, but there wasn't a scratch on the Cessna, or the two teenagers inside. Firefighters said the 18 year olds pulled off a perfect emergency landing.

The 18 year olds said the small engine plane barely made it past the runway when the plane's vertical speed indicator - that shows how fast the plane is climbing - hit zero.

Pilot Eric Nichols had just finished his first day back at Jenks High School when he and pilot-in-training Tanner Price took off from Riverside Airport.

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