It's almost like Frank and Kramer moved forward with The Bro, got wildly successful and then moved on to swimwear.

Chad Sasko and Taylor Field recently launched a new business selling bathing suits that cover one shoulder and the goods.

"We started going to bachelor parties and wearing crazy bathing suits and then we actually saw a wrestling leotard online and thought, 'Hey, that could maybe be a bathing suit,'" Chad told blogTO. "They were pretty awesome but they were actually see-through. We wanted to make something you could actually swim in so we started reaching out to manufacturers and found one."  




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They only started the business about a week ago, Brokinis will hopefully be in stores soon.

"We're going to start reaching out to retail stores. We're working on photos and videos and then we're going to start some paid ads and then move on to retail as well," Sasko said.

It's important to remember not to take yourself seriously when wearing one, it's supposed to be a fun time, and a great way to show off your goods.

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"We wanted to come up with a bathing suit that's fun for goofing around on the beach, cottage weekends, bachelor parties and festivals," he added.

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