Dan Lorek was walking down the street a few weeks ago near his home in St. Petersburg, Florida. One of his neighbors sped past him in his car, drove through a puddle, and splashed him with water.

The neighbor's name is Jeffrey Koshen, and Dan says they'd never even met before. Then last Friday, he saw Jeffrey doing yard work. So Dan stopped to tell him he was a jerk for the puddle incident. Jeffrey responded by attacking him with a weed eater.

First he started scratching up the side of Dan's truck with it. Then when Dan got out, he swung it at his face, while it was running. Then he cut up his back, and really went after his legs with it.

Dan had to wrestle him to the ground while another neighbor took the weed eater away. He ended up with three cuts on his back, 74 cuts on his legs and some of them weren't that minor.

According to the cops, his legs were "bleeding pretty severely" when they got there. He didn't need stitches or anything. Dan says he's just gone through a lot of Neosporin and painkillers.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey is facing charges for aggravated battery and criminal mischief.

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