Imagine a scenario where you're a truck driver.

You're heading down 61 South on Harrison Street in Davenport, Iowa and somehow you miss the sign that says how high the upcoming bridge is. Then you miss the flashing lights and for some reason, you miss the other warning signs until "wham" you're the next victim of the "Truck Eating Bridge"

To us locals, it seems crazy to think someone would miss the warning signs and still end up topless (roofless) in the middle of the road.

Apparently, we aren't the only place that has this issue:

Look familiar?

Pensacola Gets Creative

The 17th Avenue Railroad Trestle in Pensacola, Florida has been adorned with "fine art" since 1935.  The bridge has witnessed its fair share of memorials, holidays, cheerleading, drawings, insignias, love notes, congrats, sports-themed messages, and class of "whatever year" proclamations.
Local children, artists, and graffiti fans make vows of love, support, and individualism on an abandoned railroad overpass.

They Raise Awareness

"Your commercials say you are a 'family man'. I’ve called and sent certified mail … and as of yet NO REPLY! Please Help! A pleading mother of a Hit and Run victim."-Mural on the side of the Graffiti Bridge.

They don't just use the bridge an expensive can opener.  They try to do good with the messages on it.

Hear Me Out

Let's make our Truck Eating Bridge work for its victims.

What if we get a local artist to brighten up our monstrosity?  We'd get a nice piece of art...and perhaps a funny picture the next time a truck driver is in too big of a hurry to read signs.

The Graffiti Bridge in Pensacola has become a symbol of the city's creative spirit and has gained a devoted following among residents and visitors. I say we do the same in Davenport.

Let's Transform the Truck Eating Bridge

I think creations like this would work well in deterring drivers from being eaten by the Quad Cities' truck-eating bridge. Here are some of Rodman's designs for the Pensacola, FL bridge. We think a local Quad Cities artist could come up with some great designs.

Know any available?

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