Alternating Currents Festival 2022 is bringing five days of music, film, comedy, and art to Davenport from August 18 - 21.

 "Downtown Davenport, IA will be brimming with energy as nearly two dozen venues host a wide variety of original live music, film screenings, comedians, and visual artists.  Check out over 100+ PERFORMANCES & EVENTS at 20+ VENUES!  You're encouraged to travel from venue to venue and explore all downtown has to offer. The festival is located in the heart of Downtown Davenport, Iowa where you’ll find dozens of restaurants, shops, bars and more beyond our official venues."

- Alternating Currents QC

Alternating Currents Festival was founded in Davenport in 2017. This festival is ran and operated by the Quad Cities Chamber and has consistently proven to be one of the most welcoming, comfortable, and rewarding weekends of music, films, comedy, and art, in the Quad Cities area.

Watch a preview here:

@squonk_official is back for Alternating Currents Festival 2022, creating boisterous outdoor spectacles fusing fantastical visual design, playful staging & high-energy original music.

Are you a Country, Americana, or Roots Rock fan? Here are some of the artists that will be performing at Alternating Currents 2022!

  • Avey Grouws Band
  • Cedar Country Cobras
  • MO&CO. Myron Elkins
  • Logan Springer & The Wonderfully Wild.

Still confused about what this event is? "Basically, you’re going to be bouncing around checking out cool stuff while grabbing food and drinks along the way. Roam. Wander. Check out a show for 15 minutes, then check out one you love for an hour. It all makes sense once you experience it. So make it your own, and check out a little bit of everything on our artistic buffet," says Alternating Currents QC

Follow Alternating Currents on Facebook, visit the website, or download the app for more information.

More information here: Alternating Currents QC

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