Watch an Illinois Bridge Get Imploded in Video Captured by Drone
Sometimes you just need one video on the internet to make your whole day. For me - that's this video.
Drone videos are always cool to watch because we get to see life from a perspective we're not used to - up above! But combine a drone video with a piece of property getting blown up - you&a…
Brady Street Bridge Gets Trashed
It's been a while since the Truck-Eating Bridge on Brady Street has claimed a garbage truck. These guys were on their way to make an appointment, pretty sure they're going to be late.
New Truck-Eating Bridge Strikes
Expect delays this morning if you need to use the Arsenal Bridge in your commute. The Davenport Gate is currently closed until a semi-truck can be removed from under the bridge.
Truck-Eating Bridge Hits Again
If you are a truck driver, and it's Monday, and you're from out of town, and you rely on a GPS--you're going to meet our Brady St. Bridge Monster.  Rich, on his way back to Chicago found this out Monday Morning.
Truck-Eating Bridge Strikes Back
The now infamous "Truck-Eating Bridge" at the bottom of Brady Street Hill has struck again. This time it peeled the top of a reefer trailer like a sardine can, completely separating the refrigerator unit from the rest of the trailer.
The driver must have realized his mistake because there a…