Sometimes you just need one video on the internet to make your whole day. For me - that's this video.

Drone videos are always cool to watch because we get to see life from a perspective we're not used to - up above! But combine a drone video with a piece of property getting blown up - you've won the internet for the day.

So who are we handing the internet trophy to today? The Illinois Department of Transportation. They shared the drone video on Facebook and in the video you can see the old Illinois 178 bridge at Utica get imploded.

The video itself is really cool and satisfying to watch. But there's another element to this story that needs to be shared. WGN News in Chicago has a famous clip where back in 2010 they planned to show a bridge implosion live, but they missed it. I remember watching this happen live on TV and it was hilarious.

Well, the news team wanted some redemption with this new bridge implosion that happened last week. Spoiler alert - redemption was not had.

I mean, that's just plain bad luck at this point. I guess it's a good note-to-self moment. If you're ever going to be filming something that's only going to happen once - get multiple camera angles. And if you're on live television, make sure you're not going to cut into commercial RIGHT when the bridge goes down.

Maybe next time WGN!


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