With Halloween approaching, we will be seeing a lot of new ghosts shows coming to your favorite channels and streaming providers.  One of them you might want to check out (if you're into being freaked out) is "28 Days Haunted" on Netflix.  You can see the trailer below which features Aaron G Thompson and Nick Simons from the Quad Cities.  We got a chance to talk with Aaron who gave us some of the chilling details.

"28 Days Haunted" is exactly what it sounds like.

The Netflix show took 3 separate groups of people and put them in suspected haunted houses for 28 days.  The reason for 28 days comes from the theories of Ed and Lorraine Warren which ties into the Amityville Horror house where the occupants only lasted 28 days before fleeing.

The show was filmed a bit over a year ago.  Three groups of people were told just days before leaving that they were selected and would be isolated without any outside communication for 28 days.  Aaron says not only did they not know where they were going, but were actually blindfolded during parts of the drive to the house.

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The locations included; Denver, Colorado, Madison, North Carolina, and Preston, Connecticut.  The occupants had no radio, no tv, no cell phones, and no internet.  That alone is scary enough.

28 Days Haunted - Netflix via YouTube
28 Days Haunted - Netflix via YouTube

Quad Cities were represented in the show.

Aaron G Thompson and Nick Simons from the Quad Cities were part of the experiment and show.  We talked with Aaron who told us he has been an afterlife researcher for years and was excited at the opportunity to be a part of this unique experience.

Aaron said he and Nick are the perfect combo because Nick is the kind of guy that will find answers to strange things.  "We'll hear a noise and he'll go see if he can explain why it's happening.  Like finding that it's a pipe making the noise," said Aaron.

Joining Aaron and Nick was a third person they had never met before.  Sean Austin, a demonologist joined the group for 28 days.  Aaron said Sean comes from the catholic system which added another layer of personality to the group.

28 Days Haunted - Netflix via YouTube
28 Days Haunted - Netflix via YouTube

Where was the show filmed and why so haunted?

While the show takes place in 3 cities, Aaron, Nick, and Sean were sent (again without knowing) to Preston Connecticut.  Aaron tells me that the house was built in 1754 and the area all around the house was famous for its witch trials in the 1600s and early 1700s.

28 Days Haunted - Netflix via YouTube
28 Days Haunted - Netflix via YouTube

So what is the verdict of the haunted house on "28 Days Haunted"?

Well, of course, Aaron can't say much because he can't spoil the show before it's released on Netflix on October 21.  (Told you just in time for Halloween)  But what he did say was that it was a wild ride and it felt at times like he might never be leaving the house.  Aaron also added, "there was no acting taking place".  He said every reaction to the house was real.

You can check it out yourself on October 21 and see how the Quad Cities duo does.  Until then, check out the trailer below, and Happy Halloween.


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