Last Monday, a trucker named David Fredericksen was driving down the highway near Biloxi, Mississippi. A car in front of him tried to merge, hit another truck's fuel tank and the tank EXPLODED!

It turns out a woman was in the car along with her one-year-old granddaughter. Neither of them have been identified, but they were trapped. Within seconds, half of the car was engulfed in flames.

Luckily, David keeps a fire extinguisher in his truck, so he jumped out and started using it, but ,the fire was too big. Then he saw the woman kicking at one of the doors. He pried it open from the outside, pulled her out, and saved the baby.

Police showed up about two minutes later. By that point, the entire car would have been completely engulfed, there's no way anyone would have survived.

Thanks to David, they're both okay. The grandmother has a broken leg, but that's the worst of it. Meanwhile, David says he's not a hero and claims anybody would have done what he did.

But with that in mind, David wasn't actually the first person who could have helped. His truck has a dash-cam, in the video, a van in front of him stops for about a second, then drives past the burning car and takes off. Luckily, David did stop.