North Carolina hosts a wide array of snobs including Wine Snobs, Book Snobs, Clothes Snobs, Technology Snobs, Car Snobs, and even City Snobs who think they are superior simply because of the city they reside in.

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What Cities Are The Snobbiest?

To identify the snobbiest cities in North Carolina, we considered certain factors that reflect snobbishness. RoadSnacks measured aspects like pricey homes, elevated incomes, and highly educated populations by city. These are the sort of criteria that may ignite debates on which city is snobbier.

After studying 130 of North Carolina's most populated areas (all with over 5,000 residents), here is a ranking of the top five snobbiest locations in the state.

The Top 5 Snobbiest Places In North Carolina For 2023

In these places, the residents aren't necessarily snobbish, they simply consider themselves better than you.

5. Cary

Cary, NC Google Maps
Cary, NC - Google Maps

Cary, a suburb of Raleigh and part of Wake County, is considered one of North Carolina's top living areas, boasting a population of 171,603. It offers a heavily suburban environment where the majority of the inhabitants own their homes. The town is filled with various restaurants, coffee shops, and parks, providing a favorable environment for families. Politically, the residents are generally moderate in their views. Furthermore, the public schooling system in Cary is exceptionally commendable.

Population: 171,603
% Highly Educated: 70.0%
Median Income: $113,782
Median Home Price: $404,300
More on Cary:  Cost Of Living


4. St. James

St. James, NC - Google Maps
St. James, NC - Google Maps
St. James, a town in Brunswick County, North Carolina, boasts a population of 6,199. Regarded as one of the most desirable locations in North Carolina, St. James is characterized by its sparsely populated suburban environment. Homeownership is prevalent in this area, and the town has a significant number of retired inhabitants. The population largely leans towards conservative political views. St. James is served by public schools that perform above the national average.

Population: 6,199
% Highly Educated: 65.0%
Median Income: $115,040
Median Home Price: $473,700
More on St. James:  Cost Of Living

3. Weddington

Weddington, NC - Google Maps
Weddington, NC - Google Maps

Weddington, a suburb of Charlotte, has a population of 12,851 and is located in Union County, North Carolina. Known as one of the best areas to live in the state, it provides a rural ambiance for its inhabitants. Homeownership is prevalent among the residents who lean more towards conservative views. Furthermore, Weddington boasts top-rated public schools.

Population: 12,851
% Highly Educated: 65.0%
Median Income: $152,377
Median Home Price: $549,200
More on Weddington:  Cost Of Living

2. Davidson

Davidson, NC - Google Maps
Davidson, NC - Google Maps

Davidson is a suburban neighborhood situated in Charlotte and is home to 14,644 people. It's a part of Mecklenburg County and is ranked as one of the top places to reside in North Carolina. Davidson has a lightly populated suburban atmosphere and is occupied by many homeowners. The suburb is packed with a wide variety of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. The majority of Davidson's residents are young professionals and tend to possess moderate political ideologies. The area is served by top-rated public schools.

Population: 14,644
% Highly Educated: 76.0%
Median Income: $141,845
Median Home Price: $478,000
More on Davidson:  Cost Of Living

1. Marvin

Marvin, NC - Google Maps
Marvin, NC - Google Maps
Marvin is a neighborhood located in the outskirts of Charlotte and has a population of 6,326 people. It belongs to Union County and is known to be among the finest areas to live in the state of North Carolina. It provides a rural ambiance, with a majority of its residents being homeowners. It is also home to many families and generally exhibits a conservative mindset. Moreover, Marvin is recognized for its highly reputable public schools.

Population: 6,326
% Highly Educated: 76.0%
Median Income: $221,350
Median Home Price: $686,600
More on Marvin:  Cost Of Living

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