If you were listening to the Dwyer & Michaels Show this morning, you probably used your 97X app to play along with Megan & Hairball's Apptastic Giftmas. Today's contest involved sending a photo of "Your Favorite Finger" through the 97X app.

The winner was Tony, who sent us a photo of his finger that was sliced in what we'll call "A workplace accident."

He told us the story of a decision to attach a sawblade to an angled grinder. Of course, somehow, in a way nobody could see coming, he lost control of it, with the grinder stuck on.

attachment-20211017_141936 (1)

The grinder ran across his hand, and most of the way through his finger before hitting the ground and running itself across the room and hitting a wall.

Listen to him tell the story here:

Check out these photos, but beware, they're gnarly.

In this first photo, it just looks like a flesh wound, but when you see the stitches, you'll see just how far around his hand

attachment-20211103_085811 (1)
attachment-20211103_090543 (1)
attachment-20211103_090547 (1)

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