If you haven't seen this performance by Patti Labelle from years ago, where everything that could've gone wrong went wrong, you're in luck, because it's making rounds again.

29 years ago, Patti Labelle was failed by just about everybody that could've failed her, leaving her in a lurch on stage during a televised performance at the National Tree Lighting Ceremony in Washington D.C.

The performance's live portion of the audience even includes President Bill Clinton.

When her performance starts, Patti looks all sorts of flustered, and then her lyrics start to change to match what's happening.

Ryan Bloomquist via YouTube
Ryan Bloomquist via YouTube

Then, the person flipping cue cards had the wrong cards up for her. Now, yes, usually you'd expect an artist to know their songs, but this is a Christmas song you could probably count on one hand how many times she's played it.

So check out the lyrics we ended up with:

Hang all the mistletoe
I'm going to get to know you better,
This Christmas!
Where are my background singers?!
Oh baby, baby!
It's the wrong words on the cue cards; I don't know the song!
This Christmas!

Patti's obviously in a very weird, very tough situation, but she tries to battle through the dilemma, narrating everything to the melody of the song.

After about 3 minutes, three of the background singers finally showed up, but it was too late, and the infamous performance was born.

Ryan Bloomquist via YouTube
Ryan Bloomquist via YouTube

Then, she kicks into the second verse.

Presents and cards here
My world is filled with cheer,
And you
[with disgust] Oh my God.
This Christmas!
Next card, honey! Next card!
Thank you!
We'll be caroling through the night!

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