William "Brent" Morse of Dawson Springs, KY took the solemn oath of a letter carrier some 5 years ago, seems to have forgotten about one of the more important requirements of the job:  delivering the mail.  Other than that, he's been a model employee.  Wait…what's that?  Oh, he also stole some $30,000 in Social Security checks from his dead mother, who's house he was using for hiding the undelivered mail.

Seems normal right?  We've all cut corners at work…taken a pen from the office, or used the copier for some personal stuff.  So this week he was sentenced to some probation, and has to pay $14k in restitution to clients who've lost money due to his--well--laziness.  The judge took it easy on him for a few reasons.  1) He was going through a divorce, which added stress to his day, 2) He personally didn't steal mail, just crammed it in his mother's house (and an additional storage unit when her house got full.  Presumably, not full with "Son of The Year" citations).

However, I think the main reason the judge went easy on him is that of all the 44,000 plus pieces of mail he held back…most were catalogues and other junk mail, so the guy was doing most of his customers a favor!

William Morse's Mugshot