Three guys from Buffalo, New York have been walking across the country for the past nine months to lose weight. Two of them weighed well over 300 pounds when they started.


Their names are Jason Rogers, Chris Cooke, and Joe Cooke. Jason was up to 478 pounds and in 2014, needed to lose weight before he could have gastric bypass surgery. So he started walking around his neighborhood with Chris, who weighed about 340 pounds.

Then Jason said what if he skipped the surgery, and the two of them walked 2,700 miles from Buffalo to Los Angeles instead. Everyone thought it was a crazy idea, except Chris's brother Joe, who said he'd go with them.

He only weighed about 200 pounds, but he was out of work and sick of playing video games all day. So the three of them started out on May 17th last year, walked about 20 miles a day and just crossed into Arizona this week.

Jason managed to lose about 100 pounds before they left without having bypass surgery. And he's dropped another 68 pounds along the way, so he's down to 310 pounds. Chris has lost about 39 pounds, so he's down to about 300. They should make it to L.A. by early April.

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