The new MSG Sphere in Las Vegas opens Friday night, and all eyes are on the new venue, and sometimes, depending on the display, the venue has its eye looking right back.

The MSG Sphere first powered on for its first display on the Fourth of July.

The $2.9 billion venue has a state-of-the-art sound system inside that stays from act to act. It boasts a whopping 1,586 loudspeaker modules, 167,000 speaker drivers, amplifiers and processing channels and a total weight of 395,120 pounds.

Up close, it's not your typical LED panel display with thousands of pixels in an area, like you'd see at a concert. It's actually a bunch of hockey puck-sized clusters of LEDs, spread about a foot apart.

A total of 1,200,000 of these pucks make up the beautiful, creepy, and fun displays that show on the sphere throughout the day.

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