Hairball checked up on the GIF of himself running in an on-ice contest back in 2021 at a Quad City Storm game and saw that his GIF has been viewed over 1,000,000 times. Check out what the hype is about.

As I scrolled through the comments to see some of the GIFs shared by fans, I noticed one in particular that I was too much of a witness to.

Hairball was asked to race on the ice during a timeout and showed his ass off for everyone in the stands before doing a weird duck-penguin run to the finish line after picking up a hockey stick and throwing on some breezers.

The duck-penguin run was one of the newest GIFs from the Quad City Storm to be added to GIPHY, the GIF platform used by Facebook and most messaging apps.


It's a pretty versatile GIF, and it's easy to find. Just search "QC Storm" in GIPHY, or the GIF add on on Facebook.

Here's a few examples of the Hairball GIF:

"There's free pizza in the kitchen."


"I'm on my way!"


Her: I'm home alone.



"The newest Dwyer & Michaels Car Calendars are out!"


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