We all love fall. The temperatures change to something more comfortable, the leaves change, pumpkin and apple cider everything, and people are just cheerier. Illinois is about to host the most fall pop up, possibly of all time, and it opens in just a few weeks.

What Is It?

Jack's Pumpkin Pop Up is a two acre, 100% outdoor fall experience featuring axe throwing, food trucks, fortune tellers, craft beer, fall cocktails, carnival games, a corn maze, and a ton of photo ops. Check out the way it looks, it's fall AF.

Everybody loves fall food. Pumpkin spice, or if that's not your thing, how about a tasty Apple Cider donut?

The pop up boasts their count of pumpkins, which they say is over 10,000. Now, that seems like a lot, and it is, but check out how they use them - in Instagram perfect decor.

Check out part of the walkway that goes through the pop up, it's a hut essentially being held together by pumpkins and jute twine.


If you're someone who LOVES sunflowers, this place even has something for you - a giant sunflower that you can fit multiple friends inside of for a photo op.

When and where is it coming?

Jack's Pumpkin Pop Up is on its way, opening September 22nd, 2022. Tickets aren't available just yet, but they're coming.

This awesome Pumpkin Pop Up is going to be located on North Elston Ave in Chicago, giving you the perfect back drop of the Chicago skyline for your photos.

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