Thad Shumaker makes the greatest guitars, by hand, at his shop in between scheduling lessons and repairing others' instruments. He's like one of Santa's elves, working day and night.

Well, wouldn't you know it, the second he leaves the store a couple of bitches who wouldn't know a hard days' work if it came up and bit them in the ass, kicked in the window to his shop and stole some of his stuff.

Thad's shop will be closed today so he can clean up. The thieves didn't take any guitars, but did take some cash and a collection he was taking for Frets4Vets. Now, you can see the idiots here from the security cams, in all of its grainy low-res glory.

Not only did they hit Shumaker Guitar Works, but then the two went upstairs and hit AHA Holisticals. One thing is clear, these two a-holes will never stop their thuggish ways until they're apprehended.

So, if you're familiar with these fools, a call to the police may be in order.

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