Many people dream of seeing Italy. Visiting a diner and eating true Italian pizza is exactly what this tourist did. Little did he know he was going to get the full Naples experience.

Surveillance video captured thieves robbing a tourist at gunpoint and stealing his watch, but when the thieves realized the watch was fake, they gave it back.

That's... nice?

The caption of the Twitter post translates to, "Robbery of a Swiss tourist at a café in Piazza Trieste e Trento: gun to his head to take away his watch and then they give it back to him because it is cheap. The complaint of the owners of the restaurant: "All this in the city center. We need constant supervision by the police."

On Sunday, two Swiss tourists were having a drink at Piazza Trieste e Trento in Naples Italy when they were approached by a strange man who pulled out a gun, held it to one tourist's head, and grabbed his expensive-looking watch. The thief left without a chase.

Several minutes later, another young man walked back up to the tourist, apologized, and gave the watch back to the owner.

The reason? It was a counterfeit watch. The thieves thought it was a priceless Richard Mille, but it was more of a GoodWill purchase.

The owner of the bar said the return was more likely to be an attempt to avoid legal reprisals. "They brought it back saying 'Sorry, sorry,' maybe as an attempt to get him not to report it," Antonio Visconti told CNN.

"They thought it was worth €300,000," Francesco Emilio Borrelli, a councilor for the Campania region for the Europa Verde party, who campaigns against crime in Naples, told CNN.

Here are close-up photos of the incident.

Twitter Francesco Borrelli
Twitter Francesco Borrelli

Above is the thief holding a gun to the mans head.

Francesco Borrelli

The thief snagging the watch off the tourist's wrist.

Francesco Borrelli

The thief runs away to a car on the far left.

Francesco Borrelli

Above, the man in the white shirt is returning the watch to the tourist.

Watching this video, it's almost comical how the waiter misses the robbery, yet he is standing two feet away. He just happened to be walking away from the table when the thief approached the tourists.

Read More Here: CNN

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