You've been wearing underwear wrong your whole life. Here are underwear mistakes you might be making, and the health problems they cause.

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  1. It's too tight. It can cause chafing. Spanx can actually be dangerous if it's too tight. It can lead to pinched nerves and decreased circulation. Since it's more difficult to go to the bathroom in them, women tend to hold it more than they should.
  2. Silk and synthetic fabrics. They don't breathe well, and that increases the risk of moisture being trapped, which can cause a bacterial infection.
  3. Going 'commando.' Most clothing doesn't have a liner, so the seam of your pants will irritate sensitive areas. Most experts say you should go commando at night, so things down there can air out
  4. Sweating. If you sweat a lot, you should change your underwear twice a day. A warm, moist environment is the perfect place for bacteria and yeast.
  5. Non-hypoallergenic detergent. Even if you don't have sensitive skin, your junk might be sensitive. If you get itchy down there, it might be because your detergent or dryer sheets have too much perfume in them.
  6. Thongs. According to one expert, "Thongs can be a unique transport vehicle for bacteria from the back to the front." Meaning, E. coli from your backside can spread to your lady parts... or man parts.

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