Today we learned that these two common objects could potentially start a fire if left in your car on a hot day.

Sunglasses Could Start A Car Fire

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service recently had to put out a car fire caused by a common mistake: leaving sunglasses on the dashboard in the scorching heat.

The incident prompted the service to issue a warning to drivers and passengers alike, urging them to avoid leaving reflective objects under direct sunlight to avoid potential fires.

In a tweet, they advised everyone to stay cautious and avoid any bad surprises on sunny days.

This was in Nuthall, on May 27 at 5.05 pm. A fire engine from Stockhill attended.

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Water Bottles Can Start A Car Fire

Firefighters in Midwest City, Oklahoma, are warning drivers of the potential hazards of leaving water bottles inside their vehicles.

The danger arises from the magnifying effect of the sun's rays on the bottle's contents, which can create a focused beam capable of starting a fire. According to David Richardson of the Midwest Fire Department, "It uses the liquid and the clear material to develop a focused beam, and sure enough, it can actually cause a combustion."


During a test conducted at the local fire station, the temperature reached 250 degrees when sunlight magnified through a bottle of water. This increased heat can potentially cause materials in the car's interior, such as fabric seats or mats, to catch fire. For this reason, officials advise motorists to remove any water bottles from their vehicles when not in use.

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