Estately went through a bunch of stats, and found the most popular mom-related search terms each state Googles more than any other state. Most of them are pretty random.


The top search for Iowa is "Mr. Mom (1983 film)" and for Illinois it's "Goddess of Motherhood." Here's a few more that are pretty good:

  1. In Florida, it's "helicopter mom."
  2. In West Virginia, it's "mother-daughter tattoos."
  3. In New Jersey, it's "#1 Mom coffee mug."
  4. In New Hampshire, it's "Hillary Clinton." She's a mom, so apparently that qualifies.
  5. In Indiana, it's "Carol Brady."
  6. In Texas, it's "mom jokes." For Mississippi, it's "yo mama jokes."
  7. In Montana, it's "matrilineality." Which is when you trace back your ancestors through your mother's side.
  8. In Utah, it's "mom jeans" and in Washington D.C., it's "Obama's mom jeans."
  9. In Arkansas, it's "step mom."
  10. In Kentucky, it's "MILF."

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